BIGBIG PELEJO & ASSOCIATES, CPAs (or BPA for short) is a firm that was carefully organized by two like-minded accountants who have worked together with Integrated Microelectronics, Inc. or IMI Group of Companies (an Ayala Corporation subsidiary).

Emilie BIGBIG and Tess PELEJO decided to forge this partnership to provide quality accounting and related services to Micro and Small Medium Enterprises or MSMEs. Their vision is to be MSME’s partner in growth and progress – ready to work as a team and work towards a common goal in order to achieve their optimum potential.

The Firm’s logo shows the letters B and P leaning on each other, which highligts the partners' cooperation and mutual support. The A doubles as an arrow pointing upward. Though asymmetrical, the shapes are balanced and ordered denoting both creativity and structure. All these are incorporated in the Firm’s core values of teamwork, continuous improvement, open communication and integrity which are shared throughout the organization, including its major stakeholders.

Our expertise is grounded on actual and hands-on experience in the various companies we have been part of, and the engagements / projects we have had as accountants.

We are also committed to continuous training through professional conferences as required by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) to keep us abreast of new developments in the profession as well as the latest government regulations affecting the various industries of our clients.

BIGBIG PELEJO & ASSOCIATES CPAs was registered as a General Professional Partnership (GPP) with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 4, 2014 under Registration No. SEC201403441.


We inculcate and value openness among all partners – clients, employees, and vendors - and accept that people are different in terms of perspectives, mindsets and the like), even the definition of success.

We strongly believe that skills are just an entry point to accomplish great things and long term relationship with business partners. However, good values provide a measuring stick for all activities. When a potential action violates a core value, then decision is streamlined, reputations are protected and time is saved.


We shall be a Fully-committed Accounting Firm of choice that will be known as an excellent provider of accounting-related services such as but not limited to delivering accurate and quality financial services both in appearance and content where all stakeholders (clients, employees and vendors) are delighted, with a culture of growth, profitability and enthusiasm.

Continual growth based upon a reputation of excellence derived from proven results shall be our norm.


We simplify and provide businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with the best possible personalized and highest quality accounting, auditing, tax planning and business advisory services delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner. We will assist all our clients to achieve their goals - grow, protect and maximize their wealth.


- Passion
- Integrity
- Positive client relationship
- Excellence
- Professionalism

PASSION - Having a strong emotion towards working hard to achieve goals, showing a strong sense of responsibility, being committed and dedicated in every aspect of life in order to achieve objectives.

INTEGRITY - Living with utmost morality, having strong moral principles, upright and God-fearing life and being able to be truthful, to do the right thing even no one is looking, to exemplify trustworthiness, to decide fairly and rightfully, to avoid the temptation of doing something that might affect the trust given by the client

POSITIVE CLIENT RELATIONSHIP - To work together effective and efficiently; to build trust and achieve a common goal; to create a mutual task and smooth relationship with the clients by providing quality services through open communication; to develop connections with the clients by sharing ideas working together and respecting each other differences.

EXCELLENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM TOWARD PROGRESS AND INNOVATION - To be globally competitive and proficient in providing services in the field of accountancy; to work intelligently in performing duties and responsibilities that will inspire the new generation, as we adapt the changes and modernization through continuous learning and development.